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To the Simplify + Move LA team, each Home Organizing, Moving, or Senior Relocation project is an opportunity to give our clients a new start, a clean slate, and a fresh perspective of their new or existing space.

Our valued clients allow us to prove that clutter isn’t permanent, moving doesn’t have to be stressful, and home organizing can be life-changing!

Check out the glowing reviews below to hear what our clients are saying about our home organizing and Los Angeles moving service. To view touching testimonial videos from our Senior Relocation clients, Click Here!

Check out the glowing reviews below to hear what our clients are saying about our home organizing and Los Angeles moving service. To view touching testimonial videos from our Senior Relocation clients, Click Here!

Simplify and Move LA, LLC
Based on 211 reviews
Cori and her team are SO thorough! She has worked with my senior clients and company for many years, and always delivers exceptional service. Warm, friendly, and concise!
Response from the owner: Thank you for your kind words- we love what we do. It's very rewarding to help seniors and their families make this major transition.
Cori and her team are absolute LIFE SAVERS! The amount of peace and order they brought to my move and then my home after is unreal. The attention to detail, the labeling, the patience, zero judgement of my items. My house looks like the “after” of a before/after image. Every cabinet is perfect! I will never do a move without her again. 10000 stars
Response from the owner: Aijia, thank you for trusting my team with your most important thing- your family! It was so much fun working with you both. Your new home is spectacular and I hope you have nothing but health, joy and many wonderful life memories in your new home. Your kids will love growing up there!!
This was my THIRD move with Cori and company. That says it all! They are reliable, talented and thoughtful. Household moves are traumatic; they make the process easier and rewarding.Don’t hesitate. You won’t be sorry.
Response from the owner: Rhoda, thank you for continuing to hire my team. I mean this in the best possible way- but we hope we NEVER move you again! xx We hope this new community is a perfect fit for you and Judy. Enjoy, stay healthly and make new friends there. Be well!!
Cori and her team did an amazing job helping me declutter and organize. They were on time, professional, friendly and did everything that they were hired to do with expertise and flair! I would hire them again in a heartbeat.
Response from the owner: Tricia, thank you for hiring my team to help you declutter your home. We hope to work with you again when it's time to move!
Cori and her team were extremely supportive in a very stressful situation. Downsizing from an 1900 sq foot apartment in Pico-Robertson to our two bedroom 900 sq foot apartment at Ciela in the mountains of the Pacific Palisades was made in an orderly and extremely timely manner. Cori came in like a buzzsaw and planed our downsizing which was in retrospect an excellent plan. After a few changes her team stepped in and packed us up, taking just enough of our furniture, decorations, belongings,clothing and stuff you never thought about and installed the whole “garnish” in Ciela.The result was and is spectacular! Kudos to Cori and her minions.Now that we are settling in here we see the wisdom in some of her draconian suggestions..To all you people downsizing listen to her no matter how painful her suggestions are.SHE IS MOSTLY RIGHT.In retrospect the move went very smoothly and relatively painlessly. A big THANKS to all.Phillip J Rubin MD
Response from the owner: Dr. Rubin, thank you so much for trusting us with your move. I know this was a massive transition for you and Carolyn. Each time you moved, you left behind more and more of your collectibles. I know that's not easy. Your new apartment really shines with the best and most favorite of your items. It was a massive undertaking getting you both there - and it really did turn out fantastic! Thank you for hiring us and I wish you both health and new friendships at your new home. Warmly, Cori & team
I contacted Cori a week before our move in. Our furniture and clothes were in storage. She organized the entire unpacking and organizing. She and her team were efficient and gave us great ideas in organization. From unpacking all of the boxes to organizing our closets it was a great experience. We are in a temporary condominium and we plan to move within a year and I look forward to the team handling both ends of the move.UPDATE: we have moved twice since the original post and Simplify + Move was outstanding in arranging all elements of the packing, moving, unpacking and even furniture placement.
Response from the owner: Harvey & Donna, it was such a pleasure to work for you both. We will be honored to handle your entire move when the time is ready. Until then.... be well!
Cori has an amazing team who transformed our kitchen. Super easy to work with. What a quality of life improvement!
Response from the owner: Thank you Isabella for hiring us. What a satisfying transformation we made happen at your home!
The kind, caring, professional team at Simplify & Move were the foundation of allowing me to transition into a new home without the usual stress that comes with such a big change. They listened to my requests, responded quickly, and stood right be my side throughout the process. Thank you Cori, Karen, Nicole, Angela and the entire team!
Response from the owner: Audrey, it was so terrific working with you. I know how satisfying it was to declutter and downsize your home before the move. Thank you for hiring us and trusting us with this major move. Your new house is GORGEOUS! Enjoy it in the best of health. It's a stunning new home.
This company is fantastic! Cori and her extraordinary team helped us declutter and downsize our 3 bedroom 2 bath home to move to an Independent Senior Living Apartment. Cori’s team made the process move smoothly to an extraordinary result. The team was patient, supportive, empathetic, understanding with 2 79 year old women. After getting our home ready for the move they then unpacked us. The result was overwhelming and beautiful. All our precious belongings hung on the walls, artistically placed on surfaces, and organized in closets and drawers. It was mind blowing when we walked into our new home for the first time. We are so happy and appreciative of the carful work that was done for us. I cannot recommend this company highly enough they deserve many more than 5 stars. Use them you will not regret your decision.
Response from the owner: Linda, thank you so so so much for trusting us. Angela and Karen really enjoyed working with you - Angela got quite attached to you both!! We too are so appreciate you both! Your new apartment turned out GORGEOUS. All that light and view don't hurt either! We hope you make many new friends and are happy and healthy in your new home. Thank you for your kind words. We love what we do. Helping couples like you make this massive move is very rewarding!
When it came time for our family to move, we knew we needed help to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. That's when we found Simplify + Move LA, and we are so grateful we did! From start to finish, they held our hand every step of the way, making our move an absolute breeze.One of the most impressive aspects of their service was how they handled everything on moving day. We didn't even have to be at the house! The Simplify + Move LA team took care of absolutely everything. They unpacked all of our boxes, carefully placing each item in its designated spot. They even professionally mounted all of our artwork and photographs on the walls. When we finally arrived at our new home, we were amazed to see how beautifully everything had been arranged. It was better than we ever could have done ourselves!Not only did they unpack and set up our new home perfectly, but they also took care of removing all the empty boxes and packing materials. We didn't have to lift a finger or deal with any of the usual moving day chaos and cleanup.The level of service, professionalism, and attention to detail that Simplify + Move LA provided was truly exceptional. They transformed what could have been a highly stressful experience into a seamless and enjoyable transition. We can't recommend them enough to anyone planning a move. Having Simplify + Move LA by your side will make all the difference in the world!
Response from the owner: Thank you Carla and Mark! It was so much fun working with you both. Your new home is wonderful and we hope you have many beautiful memories there! Thank you for trusting us with your move!
This move was seamless and I can't say enough about everyone's professionalism. It was a pleasure to work with everyone. Would hire them again in a second.
Response from the owner: Susan, thank you for hiring us. Your mom's new apartment turned out so beautiful. I hope she is happy and makes many new friends there!
Simplify and Move LA is awesome! I hired them during a stressful time and Cori and her team handled everything from A-Z. I didn’t have to worry about a thing. From measuring details at the new residence to determining which furniture to move, packing up old place and unpacking at new place, coordinating furniture to be donated for pickup, she made it an easy process. I highly recommend this company for a stress- free move! P.S. Karen is amazing and very organized.Update: I hired Simplify and Move LA for a second time because they were so awesome for the first time I hired them 3 years ago. If you're moving and need help packing and moving without stressing out, this is the company you need to hire! Thank you to Cori and Annie for handling everything and making my move so easy!!
Response from the owner: Toni- it was such a pleasure to help you and your sisters. You are a loving bunch and it was amazing to see you all rally to take care of one of your own. Her new apartment is fantastic and it really represents who she is and what she loved. Stay well and healthy. Cori & Karen
Can’t speak highly enough of Cori and her crew talk about not having to deal with any stress. It was seamless five star company. I would recommend it for anyone that wants a seamless transition into an assisted-living or senior living community. Isabelle.
Response from the owner: Isabelle, so so lovely to have helped you and Charlie. Thank you for trusting us with this move. I hope Charlie adjusts quickly to his new home.
We were so fortunate to have gotten in touch with Cori and her team during our time of need. Everyone treated us with kindness, and the process was flawless. The services we required were dealt with quickly and completely with care and expertise. These qualities in a company are very rare these days, and we would recommend Simplify + Move LA very highly. We especially appreciated how we felt valued and respected. I don’t often write reviews, but this one is completely justified!
Response from the owner: Hi Barbara, you are my 200th, 5 STAR review! Thank you! We appreciate your trust in our services. May Victoria's memory always be a blessing.
Moving from one's home and down-sizing can be a daunting experience. Working with Cori and Simplify + Move took so much of the worry away and our family was very happy throughout the process. At the end of moving day, my art work and memories were hanging, and my apartment became my home. Well done and thank you Simplify + Move!!!
Response from the owner: Thank you for hiring us and THANK YOU - you are our 200th, 5 STAR review!! Enjoy your new home.
"I cannot recommend Cori and her team at Simplify and Move highly enough! From the moment we contacted them to help my aunt with her move into an assisted living facility, they were nothing short of exceptional. The care and attention they showed towards my aunt's belongings, especially her precious art collection, was truly impressive. They handled each piece with such delicacy and made sure everything was placed just right in her new living space.Not only did Cori and her team take great care with the art, but they also handled all the details of the move with professionalism and efficiency. They meticulously packed, transported, and unpacked everything, making sure that nothing was damaged or misplaced. They even took the time to listen to my aunt's preferences and ensured that her new living space felt like home right from the start.The biggest relief for our family was how Simplify and Move managed to alleviate so much stress during what could have been a very overwhelming time. Cori's team handled everything from coordinating logistics to setting up furniture with such precision that we were able to focus on supporting my aunt through the transition without worrying about the logistics of the move.Cori's team at Simplify and Move truly goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and care for their clients are unparalleled. I am so grateful for the peace of mind they brought to my aunt and our family during this transition. If you are looking for a moving company that will treat your loved one's belongings with the utmost care and make the moving process a breeze, look no further than Simplify and Move. Thank you, Cori and team, for everything you did for us!"
Response from the owner: Jay, it was such a pleasure to help your family. Your family is why I have a thriving business. There is a real need to help people take on such a massive downsize and move. My team loved helping Ann and her new apartment shined with her art work. That was really the STAR of the show!!
We had the most incredible experience of working with Cori and her team! I would strongly recommend using her services she’s the best. Moving is one of the most stressful things and she manages to make it a breeze and actually quite enjoyable!
Response from the owner: Chloe, thank you for hiring us yet again. We hope you and Brandon are happy and healthy in your new home. Congrats! xx Cori & team
Cori and her team did an amazing job helping me downsize and re-locate a loved one. They carry out their job efficiently but most importantly with compassion for seniors who would otherwise struggle through the process. They are so thoughtful in every aspect of their work.
Response from the owner: Kathryn, thank you for taking the time to write us up a review. We love what we do and helping people like you and Ann is so rewarding. We appreciate your trust in us!
Cori and her team were wonderful to work with. I hired them to organize my mother’s closet and kitchen and make everything easily accessible for her, as she is almost 80 and had a lot of clutter. The process went smoothly and as according to plan from what Cori had envisioned for the areas of concern. My mom is now super excited to have an organized kitchen and being able to use her counter spaces again without junk taking up space. Her closet is sooo much better with everything put in specific place and boxes labeled. I cannot recommend this company enough, especially for anyone with senior family members that need help making their space more livable and free of clutter. Great job!
Response from the owner: Trent, it was an honor to help your mom. She is incredible. What energy and positivity flows out of her! She is fantastic. I loved meeting her and my team LOVED working with her. They had some good laughs in her closet! There were so pretty funny finds in there, and they all enjoyed the laughs! THANK YOU for hiring us!
Cori and her team recently helped my parents downsize and move. They are able to handle every possible aspect of the move so there isn’t a need to look for vendors the different aspects of the move (recycling, donations, shredding, purchasing new furniture, etc, etc.). My parents were moving from their home of over 50 years. Cori and her team were amazing helping them to declutter in a kind, caring and thoughtful manner while recognizing that this was an emotional process. Their new home looks amazing, and I can’t thank them enough for the incredible job they did. Knowing that they would be in good hands throughout this entire process placed my heart at ease. If you are looking for any of the services that Cori provides, look no further. You’ll love the results.
Response from the owner: Susan, thank you for trusting us with your parent's move from their longtime home. I have moved my own parents out of their home of 53 years and it is NOT for the weak of heart! Doing it with your own parents is tough! Other people's parents is easy for us! Your folks are awesome- your mom is adorable! Their new apartment turned out beautiful and I hope they are very happy and make many new friends there!!!
We were impressed with how Cori and her team understood our needs and was able to handle our move in a professional yet warm and caring manner. The end result was beyond our expectations.
Response from the owner: THANK YOU for trusting me and my team to guide you both through this major transition from your long time home to this new apartment. We all think it turned out fantastic! We hope you enjoy your new home and make many new friends at your community. Be well and happy!
Fabulous experience. Fair quote, and they came in under. Team was friendly and super competent. I have two beautifully organized closets and they even created more space! When Cori came to give me my estimate, she gave me some terrific ideas on how to think about my space and how to use it better. I’d like to use them for other spaces too.. it feels and looks great!
Response from the owner: Christine, I am SO glad you love your closets. It feels so good to regain your home and put systems in place that are easy to use and sustain! We'd love to return to finish those other areas we spoke about!! Thank you for hiring my team. Enjoy your new closets!!
As a long-distance caregiver I was overwhelmed by the thought of making arrangements to move a family member when it was time for them to transition to an assisted living facility. I am so grateful that I found Simplify and Move LA -- Cori and her team were wonderful to work with and did a fantastic job. They were very responsive, thorough, and professional throughout the entire process of organizing, packing, and moving. Every necessary detail was addressed including arranging to have a professional art installer to help with moving and hanging several dozen pieces of artwork. The entire team was friendly and easy to work with and the whole process went as quickly and smoothly as possible. Everything was perfect and move-in ready on the day as planned. I can recommend working with Simplify and Move LA enthusiastically and without reservation. Cori -- thanks very much to you and the team members for all that you did!!
Response from the owner: Todd, thank you for trusting my team with your sister. I know this was a massive transition for your entire family, clearly your sister is so loved by everyone! We appreciate you hiring us and trusting us to give your sister her new home.
Simplify and Move has been an indispensable partner in facilitating the relocation process for many of our incoming residents at Ciela. Under the adept leadership of Cory, the company excels in providing a comprehensive suite of services encompassing organization, packing, moving, and unpacking. Cory's meticulous approach and exceptional organizational skills streamline the entire transition process, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for our residents.One of the standout attributes of Simplify and Move is their unwavering commitment to professionalism and hospitality. Cory's dedication to delivering top-notch service is evident in every aspect of their operation. From the initial consultation to the final stages of unpacking, the team at Simplify and Move consistently demonstrates a keen attention to detail and a customer-centric approach.Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend Simplify and Move to anyone in need of professional moving and organizing services. Their partnership has been invaluable in facilitating smooth transitions for our residents, and I have the utmost confidence in their ability to exceed expectations with every project they undertake.
Response from the owner: Annie- thank you for continuing to refer your clients to my business. Ciela is a gorgeous community and it is an honor to move our senior clients into your fantastic, state of the art community in the Pacific Palisades!
Words cannot express how grateful we are to Cori and her team. Moving our mom into assisted living seemed like an impossible task. Within a week, we had a plan! Furniture pieces picked out, boxes packed, movers scheduled, and before we knew it, we moved mom! Cori’s team did a wonderful job setting up her new apartment and we couldn’t be happier with the service we received. Highly recommend this company!!
Response from the owner: Carla and Steve, thank you so much for trusting us with Betty's move. We are so grateful you hired us and trusted us to make this major move for her. Her new apartment turned out so lovely! I hope she is well cared for and happy at her new home.
Cori and her team are incredible! I am beyond impressed with the work they did. The custom closets, perfectly hung clothes, and organized kitchen, not to mention the pantry, were all done with such care and attention to detail. And the best part? They left absolutely no trash behind! Cori is a miracle worker, and her team's professionalism and expertise truly shine through in their work. In fact, my brother's partner was so impressed that they already want Cori's number! Thank you for your outstanding service and making the moving process so much smoother. I will never move without Cori and her team again!
Response from the owner: We are so grateful you trusted us with your move from Palm Springs to LA! Thank you for hiring us, Allison. We hope you are wildly happy in your new home!
There aren't enough words to describe how grateful I am to the crew of Simplify and Move. They take such good care of every detail of your move, making it seamless and stress-free. I could not have ever done this myself. I highly recommend their services. I can't thank them enough.
Response from the owner: Heather- Thank you so much for trusting us to move your cousin! It was a big job. Getting someone out of a home of 55 years is not small feat! I hope he is happy and well cared for at his new senior home.
Cori and her team at Simplify + Move LA are fabulous. They remove all of the stress and hassles associated with moving. They pack up your belongings, move them to your new space, and set everything back up exactly how you want it. They came highly recommended and even then, exceeded all of our expectations.
Response from the owner: Elissa and Mitch, thank you for trusting us with Bobby's move. I hope he enjoys his new community and makes many new friends there!
I can't say enough good things about Cori and her staff. They were amazing in every way. We had been planning to move my elderly aunt into an assisted living facility on our own, but as the time drew closer we were increasingly daunted by the task. On short notice, Cori and her team came to the rescue. They helped us decide what to take from the biggest to smallest items, packed everything, arranged for movers, and then completely set up my aunt's new studio in a cozy and welcoming way. They also recommended and then purchased new items we needed including a bed, recliner chair, curtains, lamps, etc. Their efforts allowed us to focus on the emotional aspects of the move. Cori and her team are professional, efficient, and warm, and their services are well worth the cost. Highly recommended!
Response from the owner: Susan, thank you thank you thank you for trusting us to move your aunt. I know it was a big task and we were honored to help your family make this move. We appreciate your trust in us.
Cori and her team were fantastic to communicate with ahead of time and wonderful to work with on the day. Leah was the move lead and I can't say enough about her professionalism and efficiency. The move was pricey but couldn't have been smoother or easier.
Response from the owner: Victoria, hey, you know what they say, you get what you pay for in life! I know we are worth every penny. Peace of mind and ease in a move are PRICELESS! Thank you for hiring my team.
Cori and her team are amazing!! If you have one conversation with Cori, you will know that she is honest and genuine. She knows what she is doing. She has helped us at Sunrise of Beverly Hills for many years. Highly recommend Cori and Simplify + Move LA.
Response from the owner: Zak, thank you for trusting us with your incoming senior clients at Beverly Hills Sunrise. Your community is fantastic and we love working with your staff. Here's to many more years of doing business together and helping seniors find their new home at BH Sunrise!
You can stop searching for a company to help you. Simplify and Move does a wonderful job from start to finish. You can rely on them to get things done in a professional, kind, and efficient manner. I highly recommend you use their services. They were there to move my sister out of her home of 35 years and into a senior living facility and then they were there to dispose of all her belongings after she died. Given that we live in another state, their service was invaluable.
Response from the owner: Jerry and Susan- thank you for trusting us with Barbara. It was a pleasure working with your family and I was saddened she passed so quickly after we moved her. May her memory always be a blessing.
Cori’s team swept in and moved us when my family needed it the most! She and her whole team were an absolute joy to work with. I would work with them again in a heartbeat!
Response from the owner: Samira- we were so pleased to be able to help you move so quickly and especially during such a crucial time for your family. Your gratitude and support of my team was so appreciated. We were honored to help you transition to your forever home!!!
Cori and her team were incredible! My family and I are thrilled with the results and the whole process exceeded our dreams. Can't wait to hire Simplify + Move again to tackle more spaces in our home.
Response from the owner: Liz!!! Thank you for hiring my team help you regain those spaces in your home. Annie and Megan had so much fun helping you and said you’re a natural organizer!!! Happy 2024!!!
We contracted Cori & company for packing/coordinating the move/unpacking my mom, who is a senior and was downsizing from her townhouse to an independent senior housing apartment. They were friendly and did a great job. Everything went up on the walls, things were put away and even the bed was made. Highly recommend.
Response from the owner: Hi Stephanie- I was very much in awe of how close your family is and how you all rallied around your mom. That's how it should be. Thank you for hiring my team to help your family with this major transition. Cori
The team at Simplify and Move are amazing. They moved my mom from a two bedroom condo into a one bedroom apartment in an assisted living. They figured out how to fit her important items in the new place and had it all arranged and beautiful on move in day. They also helped us buy the items we needed for the new place--a smaller bed, a smaller table, sheets, etc. Overall they made the transition so much easier. Cori is wonderful to work with and her team really understands how to work with seniors. Thank you so much.
Response from the owner: We understand this is a major move for the senior and their families. It requires major patience and empathy - which most of us are better at giving new acquaintances than our own family! I have moved both my mom and dad into assisted living and I know first hand how hard that move is. It's an honor to help families like yours, Stacy. Thank you for hiring my team. xx Cori
We had a great experience with simplify and move. We recently moved from Virginia to LA and lost over 1,000 sq ft of living space and storage in the process. We had way too much stuff and I was completely overwhelmed. Cori’s team came in and over the course of two days very efficiently helped me cull down our belongings and then organize and store what was left in ways that were practical and sustainable. The result was truly life changing and I feel like our home is so much more livable now. I highly recommend them and hope to work with them again in the future!
Response from the owner: We hope to move you and your family when you find your permanent home, Gabrielle. I'm so glad you found us through Google! Enjoy being back in So Cal! Warmly, Cori & team
A big shout out to Cori Gordon and her team for making the transition for my Dad from his Condo in Glendale to Morningstar Pasadena Senior Community. I can honestly say, no one wants to handle a move plus provide advise to a parent on downsizing, etc.Cori Gordon has figured it out and makes the move for you with "No Stress." She starts off with an introductory visit to the new location, maps it out, shows up to the place you are moving from and designs the new home base for the furniture, etc. You agree on the estimate provided and off to the races you go.If you try to say..."I can handle the packing for my parents & organizing, move myself," you are grossly mistaken. Trust me, you will want to retain Cori and her team to handle the packing, move and unpacking. Thanks again to Simplify and Move!
Response from the owner: oh Dave! Thank you for your nice words! it's true, doing it yourself saves money, but it's a tremendous undertaking to downsize, plan, pack, move and unpack a parent ON TOP OF YOUR NORMAL LIFE. That's why I have a business. To be a "surrogate daughter" of sorts. You need someone trustworth, reliable and honest to help with this major transition and that's where my team and I come in! Thank you for trusting us. I hope your dad is happy and well cared for at Morningstar!
Simplify and Move have been amazing to work with! Wonderful suggestions- Great follow through - They made my Sister’s room into a beautiful home for her. They are miracle workers! Thank you so much!
Response from the owner: Donna, thank you so much for hiring my team. It was a true effort to make this happen for your sister. I'm glad she is adjusting to her new home!
I am a senior who is so grateful to have been referred to Cori Gordon and her company, Simplify + Move LA for my relocation to senior living. Cori and her team made my move such that I literally didn’t have to do a thing—every aspect of what is involved in preparing for one’s move to being able to move in, which included incredible space planning of my furniture and everything placed in the appropriate drawers, cupboards and closets, as well as pictures and mirrors being hung on the walls, was all done for me. I couldn’t believe the perfection and beauty of my new apartment when, for the first time, I walked through the door to my new home. What an amazing and incredible experience it was to be able to work with Cori and her team! I can’t say enough about Simplify + Move LA. It is obvious how much Cori and her team love what they do, and, believe it or not, they actually made my move an exciting experience!
Response from the owner: Donna! This review made me smile. We do love what we do. It is so rewarding to help seniors and their families navigate this major downsizing process and take all the stress and labor off the family. Thank you for trusting us. May you be happy and healthy at your new home.
Excellent team, great communication and everything looks really fantastic. Would highly recommend and work with again in the future
Response from the owner: Hi Dustin - thanks for trusting us with Kenny's move. That was a massive job! Getting a senior out of a home of decades is no small undertaking and we take great pride in how we communicate with our clients and the end result we deliver. Thank you for trusting us with your friend!
OMG! I can’t say enough wonderful things about Simplify +Move! From the first meeting with Cori when she went over the whole layout of my Mom’s new apartment, to the very end and the reveal, was a breeze. Moving an elderly parent into an assisted living is difficult under any circumstances, but Simplify+Move made it as easy as possible. Her team came in to pack (thank you Annie & Lisa), they were friendly, warm, respectful and very patient with my Mom who was very nervous about her antiques being handled carefully! They made it actually enjoyable, if that’s even possible. Movers came the next day and brought all the furniture and boxes to Mom’s new place and Cori’s team of art hangers and staff, yes, Lisa, Annie and Erin (and Cori of course), unpacked, put EVERYTHING away and in its place and cleaned up. When my Mom walked in she was so surprised and happy we all had tears in our eyes. Mom was nervous about her decision but after seeing what Simplify+Move did she knew she did the right thing. I can’t recommend them enough. I would use Simplify+Move again in a heartbeat for anything involving moving, organizing and downsizing for any person of any age!
Response from the owner: Sheryl- it was so fun to reveal the finished apartment to your family!! Your mom had beautiful items so it was not hard to make her new apartment SHINE! We loved working with your family. Thank you for trusting us with this move. We hope she is thriving at her new senior community.
Cannot say enough good things about Cori and her team. They helped me move my mom to a retirement community and provided amazing service. They made a stressful situation less so as they moved her from house to apartment without a hitch. Karen and Annie were lovely from start to finish. Could not recommend this company more!
Response from the owner: Stefanie- thank you SO MUCH for trusting us with your mom's move. We totally understand how stressful these moves are and our ONLY goal is to help make the transition easy and painless. I hope your mom is settling in nicely! Her apartment turned out LOVELY!
Cori and her team were amazing! Couldn’t have done my move without her organizing expertise! Simply the best!
Response from the owner: Lindsay!! Thank you for hiring my team. We hope you are enjoying your new home and new neighborhood in the best of health!!!
From packing, to donations, to storage, to trash and e-waste, Cori and team did a terrific job with a move that was much bigger than initially expected. Thank you!
Response from the owner: Thank you for hiring my team. It was great to work with you.
Fabulous team under Cori’s talented hands that guided my elderly mother’s move to assisted living, They helped with expert advice on downsizing for move, measuring the space , advising on what items to buy to utilize the space, and then artfully unpacked and decorated the apartment with such care and love, My mother walked into her new apartment with tears in her eyes and joyful excitement ( as did I). I highly recommend this fabulous business to anyone who is helping an elderly parent make the move into assisted living. Much gratitude for all they did!
Response from the owner: Your moms reaction when she saw the new apartment was AMAZING! It made it all worth it. Thank you thank you thank you for hiring my team!!
Cori and her team were great helping my grandmother move out of her home for the past 30+ years and into an assisted living facility. They were polite, professional, and respectful of my grandmother's age and the difficulty that the move placed on her. Her new home looks amazing and we could not be happier with the result. We will definitely keep Simplify and Move top of mind for any future needs.
Response from the owner: Jeremy - thank you for hiring us to move your grandma. We love what we do and we are honored every time a family member trusts us with their loved one! I hope your grandma is happy and makes many new friends at her new senior community.
I have been following Cori for years on Instagram. My husband and I have decided to take the plunge and move to the East coast. I immediately contacted Cori. Today was the day to declutter. When Karen and Natalie showed up this morning I felt like we were old friends. It was such a pleasure working with them. They were organized, fast and efficient. They not only decluttered but also got everything ready for donation, Ewaste, shredding and the big move. The best decision we made was to hire Cori and her team from Simplify and Move. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!
Response from the owner: HELENE! After years of messaging one another on Instagram, it was so great to meet you in person and be of service to you and Rich! It's always rewarding to help people, but especially fun to meet and work with YOU! Have a wonderful move back to Florida! Stay in touch on IG!
Cori was totally professional, great attitude, problem solver! She made our move painless, and set up the new place perfectly down to the last detail. Her sense of balance and design shows. Impressive. Totally worth it! UPDATE: Hired Cori and her team again recently (2 years later) -- perfect execution and communication, was great to know everything is handled as if I had done it myself (only better).
Response from the owner: Andrew, thank you so much for your review. It was a pure pleasure to work with you and your brother. I hope your dad is happy and healthy at his new senior community. Sending you my best.
We contacted Cori and her team to help a dear friend move from her independent condo to assisted living. Cori was forthright and helpful from the beginning. By forthright, I mean that while she was compassionate, she did not sugar coat the issues with moving an elderly person. It was very reassuring to feel prepared. She was also helpful and very knowledgeable. They handle as much as you will allow from choosing which items to move to ordering items needed for the new place and then setting up the new location beautifully and thoroughly. Special shout out to Annie!
Response from the owner: Scott- thank you for hiring us. You are an angel to help your friend so much!