They Deserve The World

But It Won’t Fit Into Their New Home


There’s No “One-Size-Fits-All” Approach to Senior Downsizing.

When it’s time to move a senior loved one into an independent, assisted or memory care facility, the task of downsizing can feel overwhelming and scary for everyone involved. Moving from a long lived-in home to a much smaller new community home is a big change, and at Simplify + Move LA, we get it.

In fact, we’ve been there and experienced the many emotions associated with helping our own family members choose which possessions to keep and which to let go.

Even a Small Move Can Mean a

Significant Change in Space

and Storage…

No matter whether your loved one is moving from a private home to senior community, from one community to another, or into a different unit within the same community, we treat each senior relocation with patient, personalized care. After the move, we can return to the former home, taking the time to sort through the remaining items, then working to distribute them to family members and donation facilities, or facilitating estate sales.

When a loved one passes, Simplify + Move LA can step in to compassionately manage the possessions they have left behind. From clearing a home or community apartment, to distributing items to family, contacting estate agencies, and handling e-waste and donations, our caring team can manage it all, allowing family members to focus on each other during this challenging time.

There’s No “One-Size-Fits-All” Approach to Senior Downsizing.

It’s Natural to Feel Overwhelmed…

but the senior downsizing experts at Simplify + Move LA believe that the process of preparing your loved one for their move to a new, smaller space can also be fulfilling.

Our compassionate, patient, and positive approach to senior downsizing emphasizes the joy of a fresh start, the potential of a new beginning, and the opportunity to honor cherished possessions by letting go of what’s no longer needed. If you’re ready to get started, we’re ready to lead the way!

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