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  • Avatar Kim Kovac ★★★★★ a week ago
    This review is a long time coming and I apologize!! Cori helped me move my mom into a memory care facility and while at first I wasn’t sure I needed something like this it turned out it was an invaluable service and something I couldn’t … More have done without her. She thinks of everything and takes the pressure and stress off of trying to think of everything so you can focus on your loved one and the transition they are about to make. Because she moved her father not too long ago she can empathize and speaks with true experience and can hold your hand through it all. I was truly amazed with how my moms room looked when I brought her to her new home and there were so many special touches added. I thank Cori and her team and hope to have her organize me in my own home as well.
  • Avatar Anneliese Johnson ★★★★★ a month ago
    Cori was awesome! SO thorough, communicative, organized, reliable, trustworthy and hard working. She relocated my dad to a new assisted living community and that made the experience so much easier for my dad and my family. She is wonderful! … More i would highly recommend hiring Simplify and Move LA!
  • Avatar Tracy Bondi ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Cori and her team are life savers! We called them very last minute to help us get our garage cleaned out. It was packed with various things that our family of four has collected over the years. We needed to get our house ready to list, … More and had some complicated logistics, as some stuff was going to long term storage, and some to short term storage. Karen and Jacqueline got through our garage in two days, and coached us through getting rid of so many things we don't need.
    We loved them so much we asked them to come back the next week to help with the interior of the house. Now our home looks so organized and tidy, and the stuff that went into storage is well organized with a reference list and a system to delineate short and long term storage. We never could have done it without them in the length of time we had. Even in the COVID-19 era we felt safe with them in our home, and they made it easy to trust them to go through our things and help us pare down and make decisions. They were pleasant to work with and good at assessing our state of mind about all of our stuff. It really helps to have an unbiased party helping out when spouses have to decide to get rid of things.
    We are so grateful for them.You won't regret investing in this service from Simplify and Move!
  • Avatar Emily Maywood ★★★★★ a month ago
    Where do I begin?! Cori and Karen took my kitchen from being disorganized and overstuffed, and transformed it to a beautiful and systematic place. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders as this was always something on … More my to-do list, but the thought of even emptying the drawers was overwhelming. Cori is so knowledgeable and personable. She assessed the situation and brought every solution imaginable over until she found the perfect fit for each area. Her attention to detail is amazing and she truly left her mark on our home with both form and function. I would recommend her over and over again and hope to have her back to go through the other rooms in our house!
  • Avatar KB ★★★★★ in the last week
    Cori and Karen did a lovely job of packing, unpacking and helping to organize our new home! They have pretty much endless energy and positivity! It was especially wonderful not to have to unpack, but so nice to have everything put In beautiful … More and efficient organization!!!
  • Avatar Lori G ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    I recently needed to relocate my elderly father, suddenly and unexpectedly. Cori and Karen came to my rescue! Challenges that seemed overwhelming to me were easily solved by Cori through her knowledge, skill, expertise and creative solutions, … More and the relocation process was launched and completed in a professional, organized, and expeditious manner! Cori’s sense of customer service and never-ending offers to help went above and beyond and never ceased to amaze me! Cori clearly genuinely cares about those she works with. She says it is an honor to help the elderly and their families. After working with Cori and getting to know her a little bit, I assure you, the honor was all mine! I would highly recommend Cori! …And to Cori and Karen, I say, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”
  • Avatar Steven Aron ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    I am the sales director at City View senior living, and Simplify and Move LA are amazing. They are a VERY needed service in the senior industry to help ensure an easy and seamless move and transition into a senior community. Cori, Karen … More and the team has been amazing to work with!
  • Avatar Lisa Reynolds ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Working with Cori has been a joy and has given me sanity! We have systematically de-cluttered and organized every room in my house, garage and basement. After completing the house, we then organized 20+ years of memorabilia and photos … More for my 3 kids and husband. Everything is placed into manageable sized boxes and albums, which everyone in the family has thoroughly enjoyed.
    In addition to my house in Los Angeles, Cori travelled to Mammoth, CA to work the same magic at our vacation home. She helped me get rid of carloads of unwanted gear and make every closet and drawer beautifully organized, labelled and a pleasure to open.
    Throughout these projects Cori has been incredibly easy to schedule and work with. She has wonderful ideas about how to tackle and implement a project and is laser focused on helping you complete your goals. Cori works hard and quickly. She is always thorough, finding solutions for your storage needs, clearing away the clutter and delivering all your unwanted items to a donation center at the end of each session. She has scheduled Salvation Army and City of LA large bulky item pick ups, as well as other creative solutions for items that still have life in them.
    Cori is always upbeat, professional, discreet and fun to work with. Her rates are reasonable and I couldn’t recommend her more highly!
  • Avatar Krista Benedetti ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Cori has the ability to see order in chaos and help you focus on what you need and get rid of what you don't. My closet and laundry room/pantry were cluttered and not very functional, and after her "magic" time at my house, … More I can find everything so much more easily. She is professional and works quickly and she's fun to be around! It is transformational; the literal and figurative weight that is lifted when you are organized.
  • Avatar Kristen Schaal ★★★★★ a month ago
    Very grateful for such care and wonderful service!
  • Avatar Jack Szallai ★★★★★ a month ago
    My Dear Cori,
    There are no words to convey our "THANK YOU" for all the care and moving our loving brother into his new digs.
    After living in his home for over 40 years with all of his memories & tresures was abit of a test.
    … More But Cori was so understanding when she listened to his concerns and calmed them.
    The packing, moving all & the placement of all his treasures was more than perfect, it greeted him with warmth & WELCOME HOME!!!
    Thank you Cori. Your understanding & care was such a blessing. You should go national!!!!!!!
    Kind Regards & You are the BEST
    Honey Szallai
  • A Google User ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    I recently needed to relocate my elderly father, suddenly and unexpectedly. Cori and Karen came to my rescue! Challenges that seemed overwhelming to me were easily solved by Cori through her knowledge, skill, expertise and creative solutions, … More and the relocation process was launched and completed in a professional, organized, and expeditious manner! Cori’s sense of customer service and never-ending offers to help went above and beyond and never ceased to amaze me! Cori clearly genuinely cares about those she works with. She says it is an honor to help the elderly and their families. After working with Cori and getting to know her a little bit, I assure you, the honor was all mine! I would highly recommend Cori! …And to Cori and Karen, I say, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”
  • Avatar Christopher Slater ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    When my stepfather passed away in Los Angeles in June 2020, there was only so much I could do from Portland, Oregon. Cori stepped up and took care of EVERYTHING and did it during a national pandemic! I can't say enough about how … More professional, responsible, and communicative Cori was through the whole process. Highly recommended! A+++
  • Avatar Rand Geiger ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    Cori and her team handled everything from the "edit / pare down" in our former home, to scouting and suggesting the right pieces for our new home. And during the move-in, they organized everything with lightning speed. I've … More had friends tell me how jealous they are that within a matter of days, we were completely settled in our new home - and everything Cori did looks FANTASTIC - while some of them are going on months or years, after a move, with boxes still sitting idle.
  • Avatar Heidi Smith ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    Cori was great to work with. She's energetic, pays attention to detail, has great suggestions, is very organized and truly cares about the people she's assisting. She moved my dad from an apartment to a single room, which required … More substantial downsizing, creativity and thoughtfulness, all during the COVID crisis. I can't imagine how we would have done this without her.
  • Avatar Cricket Wardein ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    I did a move and had to streamline my possessions down 20% to get on one truck. Cori and team came in and helped me sort, sell, organize, donate and pitch things. I paid for there services many times over just on sales. Hard workers and … More great ideas. Highly recommend!
  • Avatar Nellie Reed ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Cori and her team were excellent. People now marvel at the organization and neatness of my garage. And the best part is that the system she put into place really sustains...We don’t feel as if we have to keep up with anything difficult. … More All the stuff just has a place! Highly recommend.
  • Avatar Lindsay Bagge ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    Cori and her team are so friendly and energetic and wow do they get it done quick! We communicated for a few months before I finally made the commitment to have our garage organized for a move coming up. I just wish we had done it sooner. … More ! My husband was not initially on board (we can do it ourselves mentality), he agreed because we just kinda ran out of time. After his entire work area of the garage was organized and labeled he was so thankful and beyond impressed and happy. Even if we had more time we could never have achieved what Cori and Karen did. Thank You Cori, our move will be so much easier now. I look forward to scheduling my office/guestroom and hopefully the kitchen too.
  • Avatar Lil ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    Cori's personality is the perfect ingredient when you are moving. She is energetic and full of life. She did an amazing job and her efficiency really helped us to be focused. We packed in record time and it made the process so … More much easier when we arrived at our new home.
  • Avatar Sascha Ferguson ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    “Hiring Cori to organize your house is like hiring a friend who has known you for years and who won’t let you be your own worst enemy. She is inspirational, motivating, and trustworthy. In my dreams, Cori lives with me for a month, … More transforms my whole house, scrapbooks my life, and shows me how to cook so I can relax and read a book every once in a while. I would recommend her to anybody and everybody. No matter what type of clutter is around you, Cori will turn a headache into a fun and rejuvenating experience.
    In two days with Cori, I did more organizing and purging than I had done myself in two years! I wasn’t even tired when she left-- I wanted to keep going! My house finally looks like all the pages of the magazines I’ve been ripping out for years – which Cori had me throw away, of course!
    I can’t recommend her services enough.
    She is so matter-of-fact about the whole process that it took much less time than I thought it would. Cori, I feel accomplished. I can’t thank you enough.
  • Avatar Kim Orchen Cooper ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Cori is nothing short of amazing, a true ray of sunshine into the dim corners of my closet. After 17 years of accumulating clothing, shoes and accessories in my closet, I could no longer locate a good percentage of the things I wanted … More to wear, let alone find place for anything new. In conversation before embarking on this daunted project, Cori offered confident reassurance that I could trust.
    Help arrived punctually and well-equipped, entering my home with a smile on her face, a box of large garbage bags and no judgement. Over the course of a weekend afternoon, Cori helped identify pieces to keep, items no longer of interest and patiently guided me as I weighed the merits of continuing my pack-rat ways with making room for the wardrobe I truly wanted to keep. Her calm demeanor, rational suggestions, incomparable cheer and deference kept the task moving while instilling a sense of fun, as we laughed together over unfortunate style choices lurking on forgotten hangers. Sorting through 5 shelves, 4 racks and 60 shoe boxes, Cori reorganized and denoted areas for each, then tackled my dresser to remove garments no longer worn and create space for everyday necessities, previously stuffed into random bags on my closet floor.
    She then graciously schlepped six large hefty bags full of discards to a favorite charity and returned with a tax receipt and organizing tools to perfect the purge, including no-slip hangers, clear shoe boxes and sweater bags to protect my investments.
    Getting dressed is now something to enjoy, with a feeling of contentment Cori created. I know where everything is! I recommend her highly to friends… and especially my own clients as a valuable resource in any area of your home or office. Cori rocks.
  • Avatar Lynde Kaufman ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    “Cori went from room to room and helped me purge years of items I had collected. We labelled everything from clothing shelves to storage closet. Everything has its place now. She took my donations, returns, trash and shredding and took … More them out of my house and brought them to their respective places. She gave me ideas and implemented better organizing for my business and personal files. She helped me with organizing recipes, business items and bedrooms. Also, I had been paying for a 10x10’ storage unit for 15 years. And over a weekend, we cleared out the whole thing, down to really the only items I wanted to keep and I was able to get rid of the unit- and the monthly cost! She even took my frequent flier cards and put them into my phone, so I wouldn’t have to carry so much junk around.
    But the favorite thing she did for me is take 10 boxes of memorabilia for YEARS of my two teen daughters growing up, and condense it down to a manageable sized binder for each! My daughters love their memory books, and I loved getting rid of those 10 boxes… and FINALLY having a great way to keep their keepsakes!
    And lastly, Cori keeps me on task… that had always been my issue with trying to organize myself. She is a life saver!!! I feel like a new woman. “
  • Avatar Shane McKenzie ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Cori was a HUGE help before, during and after our move. She was extremely efficient, pro-active and experienced. She knew exactly how to pack up our most fragile items, and did it in record time. Working full time and raising two kids, … More it would have been almost impossible to pack our belongings in time without her help.
    And, after we moved, she came to the new house to help us unpack and get organized. After the stress and exhaustion of the move, it was so wonderful to come home from work to see my kitchen organized (better than I would have done it!), and my kids' rooms and office unpacked and organized as well. It really made the move SO much less painful, and got us to the point where we could enjoy our new house that much quicker. I recommend Cori without reservation!
  • Avatar Nina Goldberg ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    I highly recommend Cori to anyone who needs help decluttering and/or organizing their space. I first called Cori because I was completely overwhelmed with junk. Between my two kids and a full time job, our two bedroom condo and office became … More a disaster zone. I had no time to sort through things, and I was terrified of approaching anyone to help me with such a daunting, monumental task.
    Cori arrived like a breath of fresh air...well, more like an organizing tornado. She helped me sort through every inch of my house, and then took everything with her to donate when she left my home, so I was left with an organized, zen space. She has a natural ability to identify the best way to organize a home, is incredibly patient, and has amazing energy (which was critical every time I wanted to quit). She is warm, funny and fun to be around, which made the whole process infinitely more bearable. I cannot recommend Cori enough!! You’ll wonder why you waited so long to GET ORGANIZED!

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