Decluttering Kid’s Toys from Home Organizing Services

Decluttering your kids’ toys can be a real challenge in home organization! A lot of these items have memories and emotion attached to them. Nonetheless, children do not typically gravitate towards every single toy they are given, plus some of their old toys may lose their appeal. Usually, these items are either very big and bulky, or they have lots of pieces that are easy to lose. Therefore, it is good to assess periodically whether everything needs to be kept. Asking yourself these questions will help you properly declutter!

Does it work?

Anything with missing pieces or broken parts should be thrown away!

How often does your child play with it?

If you look at the toys your child gravitates toward, versus the ones that are rarely touched, you can see which ones are the favorites. For a few weeks, remove some of your child’s less frequently used toys and see if they start asking for them again. If they don’t, donate them!

Do I want this for my child? Do I want this in my house?

Every kid receives tons of gifts – for their birthday parties, for other kids’ birthday parties, for every holiday, for every school holiday, etc. Consider whether you chose this item for your child or if it came from somewhere else. It’s easy to get rid of something you don’t love or didn’t choose.

Is there empty space for my child to feel calm and get creative?

Have a look around your child’s play space (whether it’s their bedroom, your living room, or anywhere else you keep their toys). In a cluttered room, children can feel easily overwhelmed by too many options. Leave blank spaces so they can be creative and so that each toy stands out! Many children play with the same toy repeatedly simply because they can’t see past the clutter to pick something new.

Is it educational, inclusive, and in line with our values?

While every toy does not have to be educational, making sure you are familiar with every toy in your kids’ room and that they are there with intention will make you feel good. Include books that teach about different countries and cultures, playdoh featuring different professions, and dolls that don’t all look alike.

Sustainable Toy Storage

In organizing playrooms and kid’s rooms, we look for plastic-free storage options such as cloth baskets and bins without sharp metal edges. Cotton baskets look adorable in playrooms and can hold bulky items such as stuffed animals. Hyacinth bins are great for storing toys on shelves (and everything else). Various sizes are available, and they are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of spaces.

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