Pantry Tips from Professional Organizers

The most important part of our kitchens is our pantries! Organizing a pantry is all about improving the form and function of the space. The products are important, but it wouldn’t be a perfectly organized space if we didn’t consider the visuals. The guide below explains how to create that perfect balance by using a variety of organizing products.


Placing each category within a basket is the easiest way to organize any space. You should plan your pantry layout around baskets or bins and feel free to mix materials. Baskets and bins create zones for your pantry categories (baking, sweet snacks, breakfast, savory snacks, etc) and prevent things from migrating all over! It also allows you to easily inventory when you are running low on any given category.


Canisters look pretty, but they have a practical purpose as well. A food-safe, airtight canister will keep food fresh longer, and translucent glass or plastic will let you see the quantity at a glance. In the pantry, decanting staples such as sugar and flour or pasta breaks up a row of baskets and gets rid of bothersome packaging.

Consolidate items

Many pantry items don’t necessarily fall into perfect categories, so collecting those items into one bin is a great solution and you can label those categories, etc… or misc. All those miscellaneous baking mixes and other odd ingredients can be collected into one place.


Ideal for storing categorized jars like spreads, sauces, oils and vinegars in awkward corners. When placed near risers and canisters, they lend a “lighter” visual at eye level. In addition, they keep items from getting lost in the back and they are easy to access. Lazy Susans are your friend!


Risers are great in addition to turntables for storing canned goods and spices, but it can also be used for condiments. You no longer have to worry about finding hidden expired items when everything is easy to see- and labeled!


Labels are the final and most important part of any well organized space. They will make or break your system. With easy-to-read labels, everyone in the house will know where everything belongs in the pantry. Don’t be too specific when naming your categories. Using general terms such as “dinner prep” and “salty snacks” will help you organize anything, as your needs or grocery list changes. A container without a label is like ordering nachos without cheese! Labels are the finishing touch to every space!

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