Professional Organizer Tips for Maximizing Space

Organizing your home can seem like a daunting task and it doesn’t end there. Organizing extends to travel also! How many times have you overpacked for a trip, or became so overwhelmed at the thought of packing you put it off until the very last minute? Do you agonize over every item to pack, and yet as soon as you leave the house, there’s always that one item you wish you’d packed? Well no more of that! We at Simplify + Move LA have come up with five top tips that will help you get organized when it comes to packing up for your next excursion. We’re an at home organizing service based in Los Angeles and we fancy ourselves the experts in all things “organization.” Check out our fantastic tips for getting your packing in order!

  1. Use the right suitcase for the occasion

When it comes to luggage, our instinct is to choose based on the length of the trip. It’s important, but what’s more important is what kind of trip you’re taking. The perfect suitcase for a city break or beach trip is one that is compact or medium-sized, which means you can easily pack a lot of light clothing that can be easily changed if it is hot and you’ve been walking for hours. Soft-side and hard-side luggage both fit the bill. A trip outdoors would require a larger suitcase to accommodate all of your hiking gear, such as thick clothing and bulky footwear. Last but not least, a business trip usually means packing light, though this can vary based on the length of the trip.

  1. Make a list and check it twice

It is always a good idea to write down what you need when it comes to so many essential life tasks. Make a packing list that includes all of your essentials, and then separate lists tailored to the specific needs of your trip. People often make the mistake of just throwing things in a suitcase without a system in mind. Making a list can help you figure out if you’re packing too much- or not enough! Add your suitcase items about a week before your trip – not earlier as you should check the weather conditions at your destination closer to the time of departure. You can make a visual list instead if a handwritten one doesn’t suit you. Set everything out and begin editing. Hang each outfit together so you don’t forget anything. Choosing what to take and what fits is part of the stress of packing.

  1. Consider clothing material and colors

Choose the most packable clothing so you don’t have to constantly worry about ironing. Flight attendants tend to pack clothes made from wrinkle-free materials like synthetics, wool, denim, and knits. Linen wrinkles easily, so we do not pack it. Colors can also make a huge difference. Darker colors tend to show fewer wrinkles.

  1. Less is more

Less stuff means less stress. When traveling, we tend to literally weigh ourselves down with our stuff. Keep in mind that traveling is temporary and should be about the actual trip itself rather than choosing elaborate wardrobes. You will find that getting ready on a daily basis is easier when you pack just a few of your favorite outfits. Bring clothes that you feel good in, that you are comfortable in. There are some things that will apply to certain people and some things that will apply to certain trips. Please bring any item that you absolutely, without a doubt, cannot be without! Keep in mind: You can get either the item or the space, but not both.

  1. Organize your clothes vertically and tightly

Some packers prefer to lay their clothes flat, but we agree that rolling your clothes saves space. Fold your clothes into the smallest size possible. Thin fabrics should be rolled to prevent wrinkles. To keep your undergarments organized and save space in your suitcase, tuck folded underwear into bra cups. Think of your suitcase as a table of contents – you want to be able to see everything inside in one glance. To make your items visible at a glance, pack them vertically. In this way, you won’t have to remove everything to find the one item you need.

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